Saturday, 10 October 2015

Four years later by Owen

It really felt good to finally receive Tashie at the airport the other day. After four long years of our tight *online* friendship, we decided that this would be an appropriate time to meet ~ and travel ~ and talk about some of the events that await our execution in the next couple of months.

We've enjoyed ourselves and shared more about the idea of putting up an online shrine for all addicts of adventure. 

An online camp where all travellers will pitch tents, put up fire, and parcel out their travel experience to the rest of the world. 

If you went to a cool pub and bought some red wine, and.... let's say a housefly decided to jump into the wine just before you took a sip of it *like it did to Tashie,* you can share the story with us. Tell us what you did. Tell us if you clicked your tongue ~ and wrinkled your face ~ and sandwiched the housefly in your fingers and squeezed it to death... cause that's exactly what Tashie did to the poor housefly at the pub where we went to take some glasses of wine. 

It was a nice pub. The serene music tickled our ears. The waiters were so cool. We got a chance to take a picture of one of them who has worked there for eight years. And when I asked him what he likes most about that pub, this is what he said
"The presence of foreigners jewel this spree. And that's the kind joy I would want to always wake up to. If you guys refuse to buy these wines and alcohol.... We will lose our jobs Bro. Where else shall we go to. I get 100$ per month. And that's what I use to feed my wife and children. So evidently, what I like most bout this place is when people like you bring more and more guests like Tashie. Coz... The local guys think that this is an expensive place for them." 

He also said that simple things like appreciating his work, gives him the thirst to see and serve you again.

So I take this opportunity to thank Sir Jason for making Tashie's trip a success! We've made a blueprint of great plans about what we want for the magazine. We are glad to officially launch it. 

More stories are still being cooked. More pictures are still being taken... We'll also dispense to you the crazy videos we took after Jason edits them. It's our hope that you'll enjoy the great things we've installed for you.


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