Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Our Trip To South Coast Backpackers by Owen

As I write this story today, the dungeons of my big nose hurt. My stomach grumbles from the sweet aroma of fried eggs emanating from the kitchen... There are two couples from England getting kinky in the navel of the swimming pool.

The tall palm trees are dancing and sprinkling their dangling leaves to the direction of the mild wind.

Natasha is at the pub. She is taking some glasses of wine. She is enjoying. I can tell it from how she's smiling at the melodious tunes of the chirping birds....

South coast backpackers is without doubt a paradisiacal place. its colorful. It has beautiful butterflies that jewel it's flowery toes. It has the exact serenity we needed after the series of troubles we got at the airport yesterday.

It has the peace we needed after quarreling with the arrogant workers of the Fly 540 airline. Bloody workers! They almost certainly killed my joy of traveling by air for the first time.

I was anxious to know how people who fly feel. I wanted to see the shit that happens between the blue and the white clouds.

When I told my pals I'll be travelling by air for the first time, they asked me to carry a small polythene bag because I'll feel a terrible nausea and throw up upon alighting. So yeah. I even carried a small polythene bag in my pocket. Just in case....

On our way to the airport, we encountered a mad traffic in Nairobi. It was moving at a snail's speed. We actually ended up missing our flight. I had a terrible heartache. Tears impregnated my eyes...

The workers of that airline added salt to my wounded heart when they said that they only have one space in the next standby flight. That meant that Natasha would travel by air, and me by bus. It was crazy...I felt like running towards the next standby plane and dangle beneath it's wings and just gold it tight for those 45 minutes. "Up to Mombasa!"


I took calm after Natasha sweet talked the airline manager. She made him book the second seat. We happily went to drink some wine as we waited for the next flight at a restaurant.

At the restaurant, there was more drama!

The waitress who served us, decided to erect our anxiety by bringing to us some small bottles of wines. We were excited because we thought that the small bottles were the "glasses" of wine we'd asked for. But when the final bill came, I almost swallowed a housefly from the way I gasped for breath. The waitress who sold us wine was trying to milk our pockets. It was crazy. We couldn't stand any rip-off after the hard time we had with the airline staff. After we demanded to speak to the manager, the waiter hurriedly gave us our original bill. Our original bill was 20$ less than what she wanted us to pay on the rip off bill.

We left.

We went back to the Fly 540 departure department. Pissed!

At the Fly 540 departure department., there was drama!

The manager said that we must pay a fine of 30$ for us to get a seat. We got confused!

After two minutes, they said we have to add 30 more dollars in order to get two seat. We got more confused.

After two minutes, he and one other thin lady with a bleached face and green braids demanded for a total of 91$

It's like they had seen a gold mine in us. I clicked my tongue! I buried my head in the palms.  I even told myself

"Myself, no flight for you. You gotta travel for 9 more hours by bus to the South Beach Backpackers" 

But... After agreeing on how to disagree, and disagreeing on how to agree, we paid 60$ and our flight was successfully rescheduled.

We travelled well. I was in the air for 45 minutes. I felt what people who fly feel. We arrived at the Mombasa airport in style. The Taxi man was there. He had my name on the placard. We swaggered our walking styles across the footpath and went to Diani happily!

After a long, comfortable drive and a ferry ride we finally checked in at the South Coast Backpackers,  and could breathe with ease.

The dungeons of my big nose began to hurt. My stomach grumbled from the sweet aroma of fried eggs that emanated from the kitchen... There were two couples from England who were making some serious love in the navel of the swimming pool.. .


The weather was perfect. The manager of the resort gave us a warm welcome. He gave us a princely place to lay our heads.

If you get a chance to go to Mombasa, and you want to sleep in an inexpensive, home-like place, and make love in the navel of the swimming pool, and drink wine till the next day, then, call the owner of South Coast Backpackers ASAP, then thank me later.

His name is Justin Welch. +25470 0713 666


The hostel doesn’t only offer the most praiseworthy accommodation in Diani Beach, they also have:
  • Swimming pool with tub
  • Free WiFi
  • Excellent food at fair prices
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Cool activities and tours at good prices
  • Book exchange
  • Games / Cards
  • Friendly, helpfull staff
  • Washing machine (300ksh per load)
  • Airport pick-up service (3500ksh from Mombasa airport, 500ksh from Ukunda airstrip)
  • Monkey spotting
  • Slip 'n Slide
  • Diani Beach 400m
They've have won many awards like......

Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence

Following an average range of prices according to the other backpackers on the coast, they also provide free WiFi and laundry services for 300ksh (as much as you need, be reasonable). The food is diverse and Homemade Specials are cooked most night by Kevin according to what he feels like eating.

Check out their volunteer deals or special offers that they promote through our Facebook page.

Also can you hang out by the bar looking nice and innocent to experience the generosity of the management when they get loose!

What others think of them the south coast backpackers

Look at Tripadvisor or on their Facebook page for customer reviews for the latest opinions on what is happening in there.

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