Saturday, 17 October 2015

Places you must go to in Ukunda, Kenya by Owen

You definitely want to sit beneath the shadow of a coconut tree, and insert your toes into the white velvet sands.

You want to whistle to one of your best slow songs and keep throwing glances at how women with thick thighs and pumpkin buttocks float their breasts by the beach.

You want to see how muscular men with pregnant chests and and faded underwear's swim with swag and drown and get resuscitated by the guys who save lives. Right!

Then go to Ukunda. You will love the topography. It's a much more serene place to enjoy your holiday, unlike Mombasa town. We all detest congestion. Right!

River Congo! 

This is the place to go to if you want to see a lovely picturesque of the sunset. I would recommend couples to quarrel first before going to that place. It's a perfect place for make ups. Its a place where the sun sets with a crown of mellow. Colors that make the rainbow jealous.

Swahili Beach Resort

This is a premium resort. You only need 8$ at the entrance. It's the type of place that will make a man look bad, should he go without a partner! If you want to see an infinite swimming pool that extends its fingers to the beach, the go to Swahili beach with someone you can kiss.


40 Thieves Beach Bar 
See, all older women who are looking for young men, are found here. All young men who hunger to excite the old women, are found here. All old men with wrinkled faces and classy walking sticks, find their young women here... All young ladies who want to give excitement to the old daddies, still, are found here. It's a simple - yet classy beach bar that I'd recommend you to go to and have peace of mind.


Southcoast Backpackers
Well, this is the only cheap place. Where you can book a private room of a dormitory and enjoy your stay in Ukunda. They cook exceptional meals. The have a tight security! It's the best place to make friends and just have sex by the swimming pool without caring who is watching.

Such is life in Ukunda

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